Social Responsibility

At Airmee, we welcome and treat all employees equally regardless of gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, or ethnicity. We encourage our employees to treat each other fairly and speak up openly. All our employees have a right to a safe and healthy work environment. We continuously improve the standards of the working conditions and educate our employees so they stay safe and productive. This is how we are able to offer exceptional service to our merchants and partners.

Diversity and inclusion

Our services are available for everyone, irrespective of their background. To be able to be relevant and meet the customer’s needs, it is important for us that this diversity is reflected in our workforce at large. We also strongly believe that more diverse teams will always outperform less diverse teams through broadened and continuously fresh perspectives as well as broader skills. This will also enable us to more efficiently meet challenges that might await us in new markets.

We focus on defining and implementing inclusive practices like:​

  • Actively work with recruiting diverse teams​.
  • Standardized interview processes with the aid of AI to ensure unbiased evaluation and selection in the hiring process.
  • Have English as our company language​.
  • Build a flexible workplace allowing our employees to work from home whenever they feel like it and from anywhere in the world. ​
  • Develop, promote and retain diverse talents for leadership roles​.
  • Encourage self-reflective leadership where we challenge our own behaviors and create friction to disrupt any biases.
  • Zero tolerance for harassment.


countries of residence for Airmee employees


female employees by the end of 2021


female representation in leadership roles


permanent contracts by the end of 2021, excl. temporary external consultants

Collaboration with carrier partners

We only work with professional carriers. These are selected through a rigorous process to ensure that they meet our high standards and offer fair working conditions.

To work with Airmee, the carriers need to meet all the following requirements:

  • Electric or HVO100 vehicles
  • Freight license
  • Liability insurance
  • F-tax
  • Sign Code of Conduct

All our employees have a right to a safe and healthy work environment.

Code of conduct

We continuously perform inspections to ensure that our own operations, partners and their subcontractors comply with local legislation and our Code of Conduct. Airmee´s Code of Conduct has the following main components:

Our Code of Conduct can be found here.

Work with us

We’re always looking for talented and driven people that share our passion to do things differently and disrupt the logistics industry. Airmee is an equal opportunity workplace and we welcome people from all backgrounds. We’re committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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