Airmee Home Delivery

Increase your sales

Today’s customers choose where to shop not just based on what products are being offered, but also based on the delivery options that are being offered. Nine out of ten customers want to choose where and when the product is being delivered. Fast delivery options increase conversion significantly.

Airmee’s home delivery service was exclusively designed to revolutionize last-mile deliveries and returns – making home delivery affordable, predictable, and flexible. And of course net-zero carbon!

Streamlined purchasing process

We’ve made integration into your online and mobile checkout as simple and seamless as possible. Your IT team will appreciate that our API uses RESTful principles and resource-oriented URLs for our web services integration. We are also integrated with the leading TA-systems and e-commerce platforms.

We work with data, machine learning and metrics to continuously make the logistics chain more efficient and improve service. Our whole organization, from couriers, operations managers to customer support, knows what it takes to delight your customers.

Delivery When You Want It

Your customers expect to be able to get items when and where they want them. We meet that expectation. Airmee also offers easy scheduling from our dashboard. Select a specific delivery time to ensure our couriers deliver exactly when you want.

Want it delivered today? No problem.

Want it delivered tonight? No problem.

We deliver everything

Whether you sell furniture, large household appliances, fresh groceries or smaller items we got your back. There is almost no item too large or too fresh for us to deliver.

We deliver with everything from bikes to fridge cars to larger truck vehicles. Carbon-free!

Make your deliveries friendlier to the environment

Cheaper for the retailer. Better delivery experience for the consumer. Friendlier to the environment.

Airmee’s home delivery service is market-leading when it comes to environmental sustainability. 100% of our deliveries are performed with carbon-free vehicles and a large part with emission-free vehicles.

With our delivery service, we also leverage our technology to maximize each vehicle’s capacity. More deliveries, fewer vehicles.

Scaled to meet your growing needs

We pick up from warehouses and stores across all markets. To learn how our service works read more here.

Join the new delivery standard

We power net-zero carbon deliveries with market-leading customer satisfaction for 100's of retailers and businesses with world-leading technology and automated operations. Join us and offer a seamless delivery experience to your customers.

Boost your business performance

With Airmee your customers gain flexibility in choice and convenience. You increase your sales, customer loyalty and gain a competitive edge.

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